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{Forest Park Medical Center Is Encryptics’ First Customer to Utilize New Policy Based Protection Solution}

FRISCO, TX – December 19, 2013 – Encryptics, a provider of patented data privacy and protection services for businesses and government, announced today that healthcare customer Forest Park Medical Center is implementing Encryptics’ Policy Based Protection (PBP) solution across its entire hospital system.

Forest Park is a North Texas-based healthcare organization that operates three hospitals in the Dallas area and has other Texas facilities under development in Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio.

Encryptics’ PBP is a customizable data protection solution that works with Encryptics for Email™ to manage data loss. Depending on an organization’s security policies and needs, PBP can be set up to automatically enforce encryption or passively scan for key phrases. PBP can also be utilized as a training tool, providing valuable insight and guidance for internal users as they handle sensitive data.

“After adopting Encryptics’ email solution, our organization can more safely share, manage, and store confidential information contained within email messages and attachments,” said Forest Park Medical Center's Chief Information Officer, Si Nguyen. “Now with PBP, we can monitor data loss and administer policies across the organization for all outgoing email.”

In April of this year, Forest Park began utilizing the Encryptics for Email solution to protect email communication inside and outside of the hospital system. When Encryptics developed PBP, Forest Park was the first to take advantage of this new product offering. Forest Park is currently utilizing PBP at all locations, and will extend the solution as each new facility is added to the growing hospital system.

Because PBP greatly reduces the liability around e-communication, this solution helps organizations address confidentiality concerns and comply with legal mandates such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

“We are proud that our partnership with Forest Park Medical Center will support their data protection needs as they continue to expand the hospital system,” said Mitch Scherr, Chief Executive Officer at Encryptics. “The fact that they are committed to protecting private information demonstrates their desire to be good stewards of patient data.”

Like all Encryptics solutions, PBP provides device-level encryption to ensure that sensitive data is secured before leaving the customer’s firewall—and that it stays secure no matter where it goes or who has access to it. Encryptics also offers a Data Protection API, which can be used to implement Encryptics technology into existing products and workflows.

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