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{Pace Payment Systems Selects Encryptics to Secure Inbound and Outbound Communication}

Frisco, TX – January 9, 2014 – Encryptics, a provider of patented data privacy and protection services for businesses and government, has been selected by Pace Payment Systems to protect information assets sent via email. Pace will utilize Encryptics for Email™ and Policy Based Protection to secure outbound communication. In addition, Pace will work with Encryptics to create a customized solution that will secure inbound communication as well.

“We were looking for a data protection solution that would also enable appropriate users to easily consume secured data and conduct business as usual,” said Pace CEO Paul Christians. “With Encryptics, we can now provide a heightened level of security without impacting the Pace service promise.”

“We are pleased to help Pace protect its valuable information assets,” said Doug Holt, CTO at Encryptics. “We are especially excited about the opportunity to build out a brand new solution using Encryptics’ core technology.”

After implementing Encryptics’ technology into Pace’s existing IT infrastructure, the data protection solutions will reduce data loss and liability associated with email communication. Encryptics will support Pace’s security policies by securing all inbound and outbound communication that contains sensitive content. In this way, Encryptics will ensure that only authorized users have access to valuable information assets, whether they reside inside or outside of Pace’s private network.

Encryptics solutions address common security risks by protecting data at the device level, before a transfer takes place, and providing data access controls that can be enforced in real time. Encryptics for Email utilizes device-level data protection and Digital Rights Management (DRM) to help organizations keep their important email messages safe, no matter where they go. Encryptics also offers a Encryptics Data Protection API™, which can be used to implement Encryptics technology into existing products and workflows.

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