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{Leading UK Security Consultancy Chooses US-Based Encryptics' Data Protection Solutions}

International expansion follows Encryptics' stateside momentum; past six weeks see new healthcare, financial services and government customers

Frisco, TX – February 4, 2014 – Encryptics, a provider of patented data privacy and protection software for businesses and government, today announced the United Kingdom launch of its security solutions in partnership with London-based Templewood Homeland Security Solutions. Templewood recognizes the same rising demand for email and file protection in Europe as is driving Encryptics' growth in the US, particularly among healthcare, financial services, law enforcement and government institutions.

Templewood will make Encryptics for Email™, Encryptics Data Protection API™ (Application Programming Interface) and Encryptics Policy Based Protection solutions a central part of their security offering.

The Encryptics for Email solution encrypts email content and almost any type of file attachment while the data is still on the laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone on which it was created, before it is transmitted over the Internet. Once the email and any attachments reach their destination, Encryptics' software decrypts all content on the recipient's device.

With Encryptics, users also have control over how their data can be handled by recipients. Encryptics' Data Rights Management (DRM) technology is a powerful tool than can be used to prevent the forwarding, copying, printing, or saving of emails and file attachments. These and additional rules can also be instituted across a business unit or entire organization by using Encryptics Policy Based Protection.

Enabling these extensive data protection capabilities is Encryptics' patented Trusted Peer-to-Peer™ architecture, a first of its kind approach to email and file security. The Trusted Peer-to-Peer platform features the Encryptics server, which authenticates users and enforces all DRM rules selected by the file creator. Importantly, while it does this, the Encryptics server never transports or stores the actual email and file content itself. Only the sender and receiver can access the protected data.

Ideal for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and mobile environments, this cross-platform solution provides data protection in the office and for employees working remotely.

Encryptics also offers a Data Protection API, which can be used by organizations to implement Encryptics' technology into existing products and workflows. This option helps organizations protect sensitive data handled outside of email—in cloud services and web applications, for example.

"We have a deep understanding of the data privacy and security solutions market and don't believe there is anything as effective and inventive as Encryptics," said Harvey Soning, Chairman of Templewood Homeland Security Solutions. "Many organizations remain very concerned that despite their efforts, sophisticated hackers may still obtain their sensitive data. Our mission at Templewood is to collaborate with these organizations and ensure the right people, processes and technologies are in place to prevent unauthorized access. Encryptics is now a big part of our approach."

"With the continued stream of bad news for private and public organizations suffering data security breaches it was obviously time for a new strategy," said Mitch Scherr, Chief Executive Officer at Encryptics. "This is a global challenge and we're proud that our first international efforts are in partnership with a company like Templewood. They've earned the respect of business leaders and government officials for providing smart counsel and cutting-edge technologies to address the continued threat of cybercrimes."

Today's news of international expansion is the latest evidence of Encryptics' momentum. Since just mid-December, the company has announced its technology was selected by security professionals in the healthcare, financial services and government services industries. Additionally, Encryptics for Email was awarded Best Email Security and Integrity Solution by a leading security publication.

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