{Military Grade Encryption}

Combining a FIPS 140-2 certified solution, AES 256 encryption, and end user friendly .SAFE technology, Encryptics can secure virtually any file and keep it secure as it is shared, stored, opened, and transferred.

Standard encryption methods that use secure transfer protocols alone cannot protect data at rest or data in use. That is why we developed a unique security and delivery model that encrypts data as soon as it is created—before a transfer takes place—so there is never a vulnerable point where a breach could occur. With true Digital Rights Management (DRM), encrypted information will remain secure as it rests on devices and servers and as it travels from one point to another along any transmission medium.

{Secure .SAFE Package}

We provide multi-layered encryption at the device level by "wrapping" information in secure .SAFE packages. A security solution with the simplicity of .zip. Need to share sensitive data? .SAFE it.

{End to End Protection and Chain of Custody}

Our patented delivery platform combines a server with peer-to-peer delivery to utilize the best of both encryption models. This allows full end to end protection along with complete audit records for chain of custody capabilities.

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