End to End Protection and Chain of Control

Our patented delivery platform combines a server with peer-to-peer delivery to utilize the best of both encryption models. This allows full end to end protection along with complete audit records for chain of custody capabilities.

The authentication servers verify user IDs, hardware IDs, and Usage and Access Rights across multiple platforms and domains. This way, the authentication process is easily managed from a central location, but encryption is handled entirely at the device level. Your private content never leaves the protection of the device and never touches our servers—or any other servers or networks—as it travels to its destination.

Additionally, all successful access and even access attempts to protected files is logged in our permanent server allowing you to deliver chain of control and a full audit trail for your protected files. This is critical when your are dealing with potential lost devices, because you don’t have to assume data compromise, you can actually see whether protected files have been accessed.

Utilizing this unique security and delivery model, we offer cloud-based or on-premise data protection for consumer use or enterprise-wide integration.

Our hardware-free solutions can be quickly deployed on a large scale without disrupting workflow, integrate easily into any existing infrastructure, and expand as needed to support a growing workforce.

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